frequently asked questions

Can power flushing damage my heating system? 
Power flush will not actively damage your system nor will it remedy design issues or faulty boilers

 Can power flushing cause my system to leak?
The short answer is no, Power flush pumps are low-pressure. If the system does leak however after or during a power flush it is due to the system being cleansed and exposing mainly shoddy radiator valves which dirt in the system has previously blocked the same goes for the pinholes in radiators.

How do I know if I require one star, two star or three star power flush service? 
We can normally tell by the symptoms you experiencing. We will best know once working on system we normally, however, start on the one-star service if this does not resolve issue we will step up service to the two-star and so forth till we achieve the required results

What kind of chemicals do you use? 
It depends on the type of heating system and nature of the problem, which the engineer will determine on the day. But it normally includes acid or non-acidic cleansers, neutralising crystals and inhibitor

What equipment do you use? 
We have several complete modern customized power flushing kits which includes magnetic filters which capture the iron oxide so it does not recirculate through the boiler during the power flush procedure reducing the flush time by 2 hours, water heaters to heat the water so it enhances the chemical reaction in the heating system which reduces flush time by a further two hours, thermal imaging camera to aid us in the power flush process whereby we can monitor circulation throughout the system, rad hammers to agitate heavy iron oxide deposits so it can be immobilized during the power flush process. Water test kits

How long will the power flush procedure take? 
There are many factors we need to consider before we can determine a fairly accurate answer namely the size, type of system and work required however it can normally be done in 3 – 6 hrs. in small systems or 6 to 10 hrs. in large systems.

Do you provide certification? 
Yes, we provide nationally recognised power flush certification

Are you gas safe registered? 
Yes, we are gas safe registered and our engineer will provide credentials on arrival.

Does a standard power flush clean boiler? 
If a standard power flush is not successful in cleaning a boiler. It will require manual cleaning

Can power flushing unblock plate and main heat exchangers? 
If a power flush is not successful in doing so the parts will need to be replaced.

Can power flushing, clean expansion vessels?
No, It is impossible as it only has one inlet. If a vessel does no hold a charge it will need to be replaced anyway.

What preparations can we take in anticipation of your visit? 
We need access to all the radiators, boiler including cylinder and tank (which is normally situated in the loft) if you have one. If there is any furniture blocking our way to radiators or radiator covers it need to be removed prior to our visit.

There are so many companies online with big price variation why should I choose you?

We can only state the facts however you would need to follow your gut instincts.
We are certified power flush specialists- we do this 365 days of the year.
We gas safe and water safe registered nationally recognised heating engineers and plumbers.
We got a complete power flushing system with modern customised kit.
We also have a 100% success rate with our 3-star system.